Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kardanakhi: Snapshots

Irakli, Kardanakhi, Georgia
I was in Kardanakhi (Kakheti region) for the weekend to participate in the 40th-day remembrance of my hostess' sister-in-law's death and the making of churchkhela.

My hostess, Nely, and her husband, Irakli, grow three kinds of grapes on their farm - green, blue, and pink.

Nely, Kardanakhi, Georgia
The small green grapes make white wine. The white wine is the color of iced tea.

View from Ana and Gia's balcony, next to Nely and Irakli's house, Kardanakhi, Georgia

The blue grapes are my favorite. They remind me of Middle Bass Island, Ohio, on Lake Erie, on which grew Catawba grapes.

Kardanakhi, Georgia
When I saw Irakli harvesting some of his blue grapes, I was very happy to see him pack them into a box destined for Rustavi.

Kardanakhi, Georgia
The pink grapes are pretty. They're big and firm. Nely likes to make jam from them that is so sweet and syrupy, she adds it to coffee.

Irakli had stripped off the leaves to expose the grapes to the sun to hasten ripening.

On Sunday morning, Irakli's sister and nieces harvested bay leaves from a garden tree.

Kardanakhi, Georgia

Mari, Ana, and Tamuna live next door. Ana is married to Irakli and Nely's nephew, Gia.

Kardanakhi, Georgia

And Ana's father-in-law, Gia's father, Irakli's brother-in-law:

Kardanakhi, Georgia

A neighbor.

Kardanakhi, Georgia

Two of Irakli's sisters, Mari and Lidia.

Kardanakhi, Georgia

Traditional, handmade rug that belonged to Nely's mother, probably more than 100 years old.

Kardanakhi, Georgia

I think every house in the Kakheti region has a wine room. It also stores food and preserving items.

Chacha accoutrement and wine, Kardanakhi, Georgia

Kardanakhi, Georgia

Qvevri (traditional, earthenware wine casks buried),  Kardanakhi, Georgia

And a memorial to Kardanakhi men who died in war.

Kardanakhi, Georgia

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