Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jungle Gardens: Alligators Are Dangerous

A recent visit to Jungle Gardens was a pretty ho-hum affair. The only thing of note was this study in understatement:

Alligators are dangerous, Jungle Gardens, Louisiana. March 2015.

If you find yourself visiting South Louisiana and deciding which public gardens to tour - Jungle Gardens on Avery Island versus Rip Van Winkle Garden on Jefferson Island, I not-so-humbly recommend the latter.

Jungle Gardens, Louisiana. March 2015.

A qualifier regarding my recommendation for RPV over JG: If you're only going to one, and you or a companion has mobility challenges, the Jungle Gardens layout is conducive to a driving tour, therefore more accessible for some folks.

Jungle Gardens, Louisiana. March 2015.

At Jungle Gardens (and for that matter, the related Tabasco Sauce Tour), the gift shops seem to enjoy greater attention by the owners than the gardens or the tour. I'm no horticulturalist, but the wisteria arch looks like it needs some expert attention. The ancient Buddha is so carefully ensconced in its protective glass gazebo, it makes it difficult to appreciate it. And at this point, I don't remember much else about the place.

Jungle Gardens, Louisiana. March 2015.

When you're paying a not-insignificant per capita fee for the privilege of driving through the grounds, I have certain expectations, and Jungle Gardens doesn't meet them.

Jungle Gardens, Louisiana. March 2015.

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